Blood is not an issue
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2005-01-09 19:45:22 (UTC)

Troubled Water

I see trouble ahead for myself!!!!!!!!!!!

I am suppose to be doing something on Fcatexplorer but it
want let me on as me........

I have to have this stupid stuff done before Febuary but I
can't get on the damn thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone even read this stuff not like i care.... No
one really does care about me.......

Everybody I have ever been freinds with have said
something to bring me down.......... To mke a mark that I
can't be taken back......

Only your true freind will stand by your side when you are
down and wanting to die....... That is how you can tell
who is your real freinds when you need thing.... They
will always be there.......

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