Kendra Adams

Once upon a Sunrise
2005-01-09 18:42:02 (UTC)

Poem 4

I threw away a brand new life
I had to make an offer
So I gave you up
I threw you away
I had to come to a complete halt in my life
And I had to give something I loved so dearly up
I gave you up
I gave up my inner spirit
I came to a crossroads in my life
And I was asked what Gave the most meaning
To why I am still here
And I said it was you
And it is true
I love you
I came to the path
That was never traveled by
Especially by me
I had to let go of all of me
and I had to start over new
They gave me pictures of you
So I could remember who you are
but I couldn't love you like I did
It's part of our agreement
But I broke the contract
BecauseI remembered you
And I loved you again
I won't let go....

They asked you what your most prized posession was
You said, "My Daughter."
They gave you pictures of me
And Told you That you could no longer love me anymore
And the picture is as close to me as you will ever get
But I am still in your heart
You are still in mine
Slowly fading
Leaving me
but I wished one last time
That you would look at my picture
Glane at me
And tell me that you don't love me anymore
That I am free
Cause you will be the only one who is strong enough to do

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