friends foreva

loving life??
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2005-01-09 17:56:23 (UTC)

ok so im boring you

ok im writin in this alot, usually with boring stuff so
sorry, i dont mean to bore you

any way i got more shit 4 u

we took the cats in the garden again, we had them on their
leads, monty was runnin all over the place, rosie was
funi, she was tryin to get the leaves, she got all over
the garden 2day tho which was gud coz the other day she
was shakin and stayed near the door, monty wantd to go out
again, he sat at the door lookin hopeful, poor thing mum
wudnt let him out again

ok so i was talkin to him before, i just really wish i was
with him, i like him so much, but with the whole distance
thing an all its hard

o well life goes on (only just tho)

c ya xxxxx

*the angel that fell*