My lil life!
2005-01-09 12:58:10 (UTC)

Jan09 Day of rest

Dear Diary,

Very quite this Sunday.

I slept more than half the day. I got a very big pimple on
my nose from all the booze and lack of sleep I got during
the past few days. Im just gonna rest the whole day.

I heard that daddy called and said I should get $300 to get
a new phone. That was nice to hear cause after what happened
I wasn’t really expecting them to get me a phone. Hehe I
guess now I cant use the "having no phone" as an excuse

Its now less than a week for mom to leave. She’ll beleaving
on Saturday. =D im happy sh's goin

I just noticed something else. If you have watched the movie
"40days and 40nights" (romance comedy) you will know what im
talking bout. Well I’ve lasted over two weeks now. lets see
how long i can last ;P

Bad news, Onie (my bro) lost his phone today, it was picked
pocketed in the mall while playing in an arcade. Too bad.
Almost everyones losing his/her phone this period. Awo lost
her phone just last week.