Alexander Dark
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2005-01-09 12:29:35 (UTC)


So I went 2 this party that was at the same place as the
New Year shit.I was with this guy and the other guy and we
had booze ;).So we went in the bathroom the three of us and
drank.The first guy got really drunk the second went 2 his
gf and I was a not drunk but not sober...So we went 2 beat
up this little guy that we called "curly".after we gave him
something 2 drink he was all fucked up and shit.So after he
told us about his teacher or whatever that was abusing him
we went 2 bed.Again we were like 7-8 in a bed.After sometime
me and the guy found some girl deodorant and started
spraying everyone.after we wasted that we sat in the bed.
some ppl left bcoz of the smell.So...we were just 5 ppl ,
"curly" went 2 bed in the other room , and we were fighting
over something(it was like 5 am)and me and the other guy saw
a flash in the hall way.we were like freaked out and no one
belived us.afrer i went in the center of them all we saw the
flash again.we thought it was a light bulb or something so
me and the guy we went to check it out.no light bulb was
broken so we went home.....i still wander what it is ?! :D

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