Her boy

Her boy
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2005-01-09 10:00:27 (UTC)

Entry 3

this step that we took recently has been nothing but
good for me. After thinking about it, i do need to change
a few things in life. Not so much to take care of myself
becasue in the end i'll be fine if i continue to live how
i do, but more so to take care of what is Yours. You need
me to be well rested and in good shape becasue at any time
i can be on call and i have to be rested and healthy to
serve You and perform whatever task You have in store for
me. The one event i had in mind is You ordering me to
stop talking on my phone while driving. If You were to
tell me that a few weeks ago, i would not do it again, yet
i would not think too much about it. yet after You told
me not to today, i felt like i was doing something wrong
and that You were a little bit displeased, and it had an
affect on me if that makes sense. Talk to You soon

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