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2005-01-09 09:26:54 (UTC)

January 9, 2005 3:30 a.m.

Well, it is very early in the morning and I could not
sleep so I decided to write. Not too mcuh going on
though. Our whole family including boyfriends and
husbands went to the movie except Amanda. She was sick so
she couldn't go. We went to see "Meet the Fockers". It
was pretty funny I guess.

Some of us played games when we got back to the house. We
played "Scene It". Cristy and Jeremy won. They win alot
because Jeremy is very good at games. He plays all kinds
of games alot. He plays D&D, X-Box games, etc. all the

Gotta go to Wal Mart today to take back some stuff that I
bought. We knew some Little kids that needed clothes and
I bought some of the wrong sizes so I have to take them
back and get the right stuff. I love looking at little
kids clothes. They are so cute. Hopefully, soon I will
have little grandchildren to buy for.

I guess I will try to get some sleep though I still don't
feel very sleepy. I don't know what is wrong with me
lately. It seems like I have been having a hard time
sleeping for a week and half and when I do sleep, I have
weird dreams. Oh well, more later!