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2005-01-09 06:01:50 (UTC)

Another day.......blah

Well, today has been ok so far. I actually didn't fight
with my parents today, which was good. I only have one
more week left here, and then I go back to school. I'm
excited. No to mention that my bf is coming to see me on
Valentine's Day, which will be really romantic. I can
honestly say that I am quite frustrated lately. A lot of
the reason why, is because I'm home for the holiday
break. It's driving me nuts. My mother is so
controlling. My friend and I got into a fight and I am
really pissed at her, and frankly don't care if she and I
make up. I'm fucking tired of trying to be nice to people
and help them, only to get stomped on. It really sucks.
I have so much to do this year, and I don't have time for
petty shit. Anyway.....that's about the extent of my day.

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