Bridgette .M.

Something Forgotton
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2005-01-09 05:17:39 (UTC)

Whats happened


Today was an excellent day well actually it was
kinda jumpy. I went to my boyfriends band pracitce because
they have a show next friday and I dunno it was all good
till I got home.
I cant really explain what happened I just kinda
slipped away feeling like a nothing agian. Once agian I
feel like cutting myself but im so ashamed that if I do
then everyone will loook down on me because I made
promises. So really im stuck here with all this shit
building up on me with noway to release it anymore...

Swallow a brick and sit awake or 8 days,
carve a hole in you're chest, Lap up the clood from ur own
wrist, "Holy Christ" and " Go To Hell" know that a
blackenedness lies ahead, Know that a souls worth of guilt
wieghs down on ur heart, sob until ur eyes run raw and
tracks of tears eat away at ur forgotton facre, And ur
pretty mouth forgets how to smile and sleep or death could
feel the same, as sweet numbing drunkenness, just so you
wouldnt have to feel...~end~

That is a poem I wrote today I have been up for
days actually and probally not getting sleep agian
tonight. I just when im not with a certain person I feel
so alone and like im useless in this world with no purpose
for my life. :( well I guess you can say thats my oh so
lovely day as usual.
bye bye

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