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2005-01-09 04:55:48 (UTC)

My FiRsT eNtRy- - YaY

Dear Diary (or whatever i'm supposed to say)

It's a weird time in life right now- - isn't it always?
I keep a normal diary, but this is fun too, I just KNOW
everyone will love reading about my life =)
In the past week (which has flown by), I've been in
love, been out of love, had a huge scare where thought my
grandpa was going to die, and finally realized my problems
are so miniscule in this huge world.
All reading this should feel priveleged- - I've only
ever revealed all my true self in journals. No one knows
the real me, but now you all do.
About the love thing, I've thought I loved this guy
for a long time, then I realized: He always ignores me and
only talks to me when others aren't around. How crappy is
that?? So my friends helped me know I do not need a guy to
Today I though my grandpa was going to die because he
called my dad to take him to the hospital. He thought he
was having a heart attack.....again. All turned out well
and I can't wait to go see him to tell him how much I love
But these problems are the least of the problems in
the world (and I don't just mean the recent tsunamis.) But
about those, it's weird that people can show so much
compasion in times of disater and so little compasion in a
normal day. I'm so lucky to live in a small town where
people know each other (sort of) and most people are
considerate enough. I'm not sure I could stand the stingy-
ness of big city life.
People, especially teens, seem so lost in this world.
My friends are having problems believing in God- - by all
means be an atheist if you like, but my friends are more
than that, they are just so lost. It's not just God, we
(teens) all seem to have so little to believe in these
days. Even family, which should be one constant thing, has
become another unstable part of teens' lives. These kids
turn away form God and family and to drugs, drinking and
their "friends". They become apathetic, not caring about
school or what they do to harm their bodies,friends,and
family. I find it sad to see this in my friends of only 14
and 15. Even my sister whom I love dearly doesn't care
about school anymore. I just wish they all had something to
hold on to, to rely on. In a world of terrorism,
faithlessness, and lack of compassion, we could all use
something to rely on. . .anything.
I'm not looking forward to school next week, I have
church almost all day tomorrow and then we have monday off-
YAY! Then tuesday we have our last two finals for last
semester- CURSED SNOW DAY!! and then the new semester
starts wednesday. Freshman year has flown by! I can still
hardly believe I'm in high school.
Well I have church tomorrow (whether most teens
believe in God or not, I still do!) so I will leave you
with my thought on which to ponder- GOODNIGHT

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