Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-01-09 04:47:45 (UTC)

More about last night

my Dearest Master,

After receiving my punishment and dressing for You last
night, W/we took a road trip. The original destination
was an book store in the city to the north. On the
way, W/we spoke of O/our life T/together and how pleased
W/we are with the direction O/our relationship is going.
W/we discussed my punishments and the fact that i had
admitted to another indescretion that required
correction. You instructed me not to dwell on it, and You
would not either, but it was understood that an "addendum"
to my previous punishment was due. At the time of this
writing, i have not yet received this punishment, but i
know and You know that it is coming.

Punishment is so difficult for U/us right now. W/we are
so inhibited by O/our living arrangements. i have faith
in Your abilities and creativity, so i am sure You will
come up with a way to accomplish that which W/we both know
is necessary.

W/we tried to eat at O/Our favorite restaurant, but it was
far too busy with over an hour wait. W/we wanted to get
home early, so W/we agreed W/we would eat after W/we got
home. You then decided that W/we would take a visit to
O/our favorite health food store and picked up some
healthy alternatives to some of my favorite snacks.
Natural, fresh ground peanut butter and almond butter,
black soy beans and some low carb bread. W/we had a good
time shopping, but i still had my jacket on, so i felt no
discomfort or humiliation. After getting into the car i
made up my mind without saying anything to You. i would
not wear my jacket in the book store. W/we head toward
downtown, and when W/we arrived W/we found it was hopping
with traffic and there were no parking spots available.
You checked the time and noted that W/we were running out
of time and really needed to head back toward home without
doing any further shopping. Rats, i thought to myself,
but i kept my mouth shut. You are Master and You know
what's best. The last time W/we were at this store, i saw
a leather collar with silver letters speling out slave on
it. i wanted to show it to You in hopes You would buy it
for me. When i saw it the first time i didn't appreciate
the term "slave". Now i understand it. It is was i am
and what i want to be. Your slave. Master's bliss. W/we
will go another time. i can wait. i'm getting pretty
good at waiting.

When W/we got home, W/we ate in Your room. me, sitting at
Your feet, enjoying being Your pet. You had two
hamburgers and i had one. W/we ate them on low carb bread
with mustard. W/we had sampled the nut butters at the
store, so that was all i ate for supper. After eating,
You sent me downstairs to spend time with the kids before
their bedtime and to take care of the laundry i had done
earlier. You instructed me to join You around midnight.

Entering Your room, i dropped to my knees and knelt in
front of You. i love this position. It is so symbolic of
O/our stations. You had me rise and dress for You. Two
pony tails on either side of my head secured by one red
and one white ribbon. i smoothed on white thigh high
stockings. You removed the ropes already encircling my
tits, and reattached it to the ring on my collar. You
placed the collar back around my neck and retied my .
This time You tied them very tight. Tighter than You have
in quite a long time. my felt great. The felt so
full and so firm and they looked wonderful. You had me
stand in front of the mirror and look at how beautiful i
looked. i did look beautiful. Growing up i always felt
ugly and fat. You have changed the image i held of myself
in my mind. i am a big beautiful woman. You don't mind
that i'm big. You love me as i am. Yes, i am dieting and
You support that. i wanted to lose weight and You
agreed. i needed and wanted to be healthy. i want U/us
to be T/together for a long time and my losing weight will
help to insure that happens. You have never told me to
lose weight and i know that You wouldn't. You love me,
not my clothing size. Thank You so much Master. Thank
You for giving me confidence in my beauty and in myself.

W/we then spent time T/together enjoying E/each O/other
and surfing the internet. W/we surfed chastity belt pages
as this is what W/we are most interested in right now. As
W/we looked at images and read stories, You allowed me to
play with my while You watched. You played with Your
cock while i watched. i love mutual ion with
You. It is so exciting to be so open, exposed and
unladylike in front of You. You are very strict with my
speech and that i always act and appear as a lady, but
when it comes to jacking off, You only allow it when You
can watch. i love that. W/we did this for hours. W/we
are B/both very disciplined and can hold off for as
long as W/we wish. It was after 4:00 AM before W/we went
to bed.

i prepared the bed for You. i never assume i will sleep
with You, or even join You in Your bed for . You did
invite me though, and i spent time licking and sucking
Your . You finally had me lie opposite You on the
bed, spreading my legs, lubing my fingers and allowing me
to e with my completely in Your view. i
played while W/we spoke of and soon to be
realities. i got so close to cumming 4-5 times before You
finally had me stop. i stopped and turned myself around
to enable me to satisfy Your body the way You wanted. You
had me lay between Your legs and suck Your until You
decided that You would cum by Your own hand with my lips
and tongue on Your balls. This is how You came. i licked
up all the cum and lightly sucked what remained out of
Your . Then i dressed You in pajamas and You invited
back into Your bed to sleep. i did not cum. It is rare
when i do. That's why i'm all the time. Your
favorite state for an obedient little slave.

It is now nearly midnight and You have summoned me to join
You. i love You Master and look forward to writing more

i am Your loving, obedient and little slave pet,