Random (boring) Thoughts
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2005-01-09 04:45:04 (UTC)

Reality TV

I recently finished watching an episode of "Survivor". It's
branded as a reality show, but it's actually not grounded
in any kind of reality. I mean, when was the last time YOU
were stranded on an island with eight hot women, two angry
black guys, four investment bankers, and a naked
homosexual? It happened to me just last week, but that's a
story for another time.

After watching all these crappy shows out there, I have
come to the conclusion that I could do better (god knows I
couldn't do any worse).

I have a couple of ideas, but my most promising is a show
called "Orphan House". Basically, I would take 8 orphaned
kids and put them a house together. The kids would compete
in various challenges until a winner was determined. Then,
that winner would be adopted by a family, while the losers
get sent back into foster care.

I think this idea is quite promising; I know I'd watch. The
only possible complication is that the show would violate
several child welfare laws. However, I don't believe this
will be a big problem.

After all, these kids will be orphans. Who's going to
complain . . . their parents?

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