My diary
2005-01-09 03:11:36 (UTC)

songs that explain my life

these r kinda songs that explain my life (just the choruses)
n there all kelly clarkson songs


ill spread my wings n ill learn how 2 fly
ill do what it takes till i touch the sky
ill make a wish take a chance make a change and breakaway
out of the darkness n into the sun
but i wont forget all the ones that i love
ill take a risk, take a chance make a change and breakaway

"since u been gone"

since u been gone
i can breathe 4 the first time
im so movin on yea yea
thanks 2 u now i get what i want
since u been gone

"behind these hazel eyes" (which i have brown eyes)

here i am once again
im torn into pieces
cant deny it cant pretend just thought u were the 1
broken up deep inside
but u wont get 2 c the tears i cry
behind these hazel (brown) eyes

"because of u"

because of u i never strayed 2 far from the sidewalk
because of u i i learned 2 play on the safe side so i dont
get hurt
because of u
i find it hard 2 trust not only me but everyone around me
because of u
i am afraid


u kno u did it
im gone
to find someone to live for in this world
theres no light at the end of the tunnel tonight
just a bridge that im gonna burn
u were wrong
if u think u can walk right through my door
that is just so u
comin bak when i finally moved on
im already gone

"where is ur heart"

where is ur heart
cuz i dont really feel u
where is ur heart
what i really want is 2 believe u
is it so hard
to give me what i need
i want ur heart to bleed
thats all im askin for
where is ur heart

"walk away"

im lookin for attention
not another question
should u stay or should u go
well if u don't have the answer
y u still standin here
hey hey hey hey
just walk away

"you found me"

you found me
when no one else was lookin
how did u kno just where i would b
year u broke through
all of my confusion
the ups and the downs and u still didnt leave
i gues that u saw what nobody could see
u found me

"beautiful disaster"

woa and i dont kno
i dont kno what hes after
but hes so beautiful
such a beautiful disaster
and if i could hold on
through the tears and the laughter
would it be beautiful
or just a beautiful disaster

"the trouble with love is"

the trouble with love is
it can take u up inside
make ur heart believe a lie
its stronger than ur pride
the trouble with love is
it doesnt car how fast u fall
and u cant refuse the call
see u got no say at all


have u eva been low
have u eva had a friend that let u down so
when the truth came out
r u the last to know
were u left out in the cold
cuz what u did was low

"whats up lonely"

whats up lonely
seems ur my only
friend who wants to share my pain
tell me heartache
whats it gonna take
for u to leave me alone today
just when i think that ur gone
ur in the mirror lookin bak at me
so whats up lonely

"just missed the train"

so go on
and sleep darlin
y dont u pretend we were just a dream
its cool baby
doesnt matter anyway
well im so sorry
got to the station a little too late
such a shame
just missed the train


and im thankful
for the blessings
and the lessons that i learned with u by my side
adn im thankful
for the love that u keep bringin in my life
...in my life