2005-01-09 03:09:16 (UTC)

Entery one

Dear God like object that is my journal, October 20th

The journey begins, 2 days before my birthday…
We are off 2 find my best friend, najA. She has been
missing for a whole year now, and Dax is starting 2 get
worried… He came over today, saying he wanted 2 find her,
and he wanted to bring ME along! Can you believe it? He
chose ME over his brother, his sister, and anyone else in
the town! That sure made my day. After what happened when
I was 12, you would think he hated me… I should tell the
When I was a kid, I didn’t really talk 2 the
neighbors much. I rarely went outside unless it was 2 go
over 2 najA’s house. But I would always be inside.
Anyways, my dad wanted me 2 go get something from the
people next door, I can’t quite remember what it was
though… but, I went over there and the house was HORIBLE!
The front yard was burned, there was no grass or flowers,
the walls were BLACK as if there was a fire, there were
weeds everywhere, it was disgusting. And at that second,
When a women not much taller then me answered the door,
DRUNK, I knew there was something seriously wrong with
this family… in the background I could see 5 kids, One was
really tall, a girl about 16 or so, then there was a guy
that was a little shorter then her by an unknown age, he
had long blonde hair, there was a little girl that looked
about 6 or so, and there were two twin brothers. One was
taller by an inch or 2, but the shorter one caught my eye.
He was almost freakishly short for someone of his age. At
first I thought he was a kid, but his sister said he was
16. That was when I found out something new about myself.
I liked guys! I was gay! That was why the shorter one
struck me; he was so cute in his own little way.
Well, a week after I met that family, my dad
wanted 2 go out with friends and thought I needed a
babysitter. I was 12 at the time, I don’t need a
babysitter… we argued about if for 20 minutes or so but
then I gave up. I wasn’t going to win. So, my dad called
up someone and told them the address. Soon I heard a knock
at the door, and to my surprise it was my neighbor! I was
a little afraid at first cuz I didn’t know anything about
him. But it was cool. We just hung out and watched some
movie or something on TV. He ordered pizza 2, it was going
pretty well. After the movie was over, we started talking.
He was saying something about his girlfriend breaking up
with him for reasons he’d rather not explain. So I thought
maybe he meant that his girlfriend found out he was gay or
something. I seriously thought that he was gay, I don’t
know why… I just did. Then, we sat in silence for a while
and Dax kept “eyeing” me, I thought maybe he liked me but
soon realized that he thought I was maybe gay. WHICH I
was, but he didn’t know that. Well I was sitting pretty
close to him, which would explain why he thought I was
gay… and my dad was going to be home any minute now. I had
to think of something, I wanted to tell him I was gay. But
since I ACT before I THING I ended up doing the dumbest
thing. I KISSED him instead! I made the biggest fool out
of myself. He pushed me off and said “what the fuck was
that?!” and I was all “oh my god! I thought you were gay!”
and he was all “what gave you that idea?!” it was
horrible… but soon he forgave me…
Well, we are off on our journey now, to the next
town called “Torvella”. I’ll Write more tomorrow


*Tai Yoda*