Torrance the Vamp

The Vamp's Mind
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2005-01-09 02:07:53 (UTC)

It's always my fault. Why?!

Everytime my sister gets in trouble it's my freakin'

When my dad decided to get rid of the cats it's because I
was too lazy to clean the litter box.

When I brought up the presidential election. My sis and my
dad got in a fight over bush and kerry. And it wasn't
because they didn't like the same person.

When I asked about retirement accounts or something like
that. My dad came over and they started arguing.

It always seems that everything is my fault. I am at the
middle of everything and I never get in trouble for it.
Well not directly. It eats me up inside and then when I
think about it my eyes don't wanna stay dry. Despite the
toughness I show I can't help to cry. It's funny because
I've never done that before. I feel weak and that is what
I hate the most. Not in other people they can be weak all
they want and I'll still like them. Everybody has a weak
side of them. Outside or inside it doesn't matter. No
matter how many times the fights happen and by fights I
mean arguments I can't change it. I am caught in the

I think people depend on god too much. God has been the
source of a lot of stupid things in this world. War,
deaths and all that fun stuff.

Just me ranting again pay no attention.

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