2005-01-09 01:03:38 (UTC)

Unexpected Trip

We hadn't planned on going into town today but at 6 am the
electric went out and by 9 am it still hadn't come back.
The recording on the power company's message machine said
that we could expect it back around 3 pm This is the second
time we've lost power this winter although the weather
hasn't been particularly bad this year. There was some wind
last night and rain but not much.

We headed for Eugene. The first place we went to was I-HOP
where we had breakfast and lots of coffee. We checked out a
few second-hand stores, John bought some tools at Sears and
I bought some pink and white primroses. They're the first
flowers I can plant outside and that's only if they're in a
protected area like the pots on the front porch which is
where I plan to put them. We came home through Junction
City where John had his small propane tank filled at the
feed store; he uses it for heat in his shop. We looked at
their rabbits but it's still too early for chicks and
ducklings. By the time we returned home the electric was
back on.

On our way home we passed a house we'd passed many times
before. John told me that one of his friends had lived
there when they were children and that his mother had once
allowed him to go on an overnight visit, something she
rarely did. From what he's told me over the years it's
clear that was very over-protective of him. He resented it
then and resents it still. I can understand that fear as I
had to work hard to overcome it when my sons were growing up
but I let them go, understanding that this was part of being
a good parent too. I see this over-protective trait in my
mother-in-law still but now it's directed towards her
84-year old husband. She is so afraid that something will
happen to him and she'll be left alone that she denies him
small pleasures, like an occasional chocolate, fearing that
this occasional indulgence will cause him to have a stroke
or a heart attack. Not surprisingly he complains about it
and resents it and she doesn't understand why. I find this
I read all of Twisted by Jonathan Kellerman yesterday and
then went back to reading about the great influenza
pandemic. This latter book is just chock full of medical
and historical details. I find it fascinating.