The Many Wonders of Nicole :-)
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2005-01-09 00:07:28 (UTC)

Back to school

Well, I am now back at school. Makes me very sad that I
had to leave home and the people I love. I wish all my
friends could go to school here with me, especially
Andrew. I am really hoping that he gets into the airforce
soon so that we can get things figured out for future
reference, or if we are going to do what was planned
before. Last night I got really homesick and ended up
calling him crying my little eyes out. I cant go home for
a while because of the snow. We have quite a bit. It
should start to snow more soon....if not, thats quite
alright with me, as long as I get to go home.

I had a pretty decent pretty much
everything I wanted and more. New Years was awesome, I had
a great time with Andrew at the church and I was even able
to get my New Years kiss. I had a lot of fun. I won this
really cool old school video game player that hooks up to
my TV. Its awesome! Hopefully I will get to see Andrew
soon, maybe for Valentines Day, or before if he takes the
bus here or finds a ride...almost makes me want to
transfer to PLU so I can be closer to him.

Alrighty then, thats enough for now, talk to ya'll later...

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