Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-01-08 23:57:34 (UTC)

Continuing into slavery

my Dearest Master,

How happy and content i am feeling right now. The night
before last W/we signed a slavery contract. i was so
surprised when You presented it to me. i read it to You,
line by line, detailing the ways in which i would serve and
submit to You. You did some editing, but W/we have decided
that W/we actually need to use it as an example, but W/we
will be writing O/our own contract in the next few days.
In the meantime, W/we have a signed contract serving as a
tangible document of my slavery and servitude to You.
Thank you so much Master. i love You so very much.

One of my new rules is that i will ask You for relief
whenever the need arises for a bodily function. i gladly
turn this responsibility over to You. It makes me happy to
know that You care for me that deeply that You are willing
to control my urination and defication. However, on the
first day this new rule went into effect, i forgot. i have
been drinking a lot of water, in accordence with my diet
regimen, and used the bathroom yesterday afternoon without
thinking about my new rule. Then, later that afternoon i
once again felt the urge to go. This time i remembered.
You weren't here, but no problem, You have Your cell
phone. Oh no... i forgot to contact You earlier when i had
to go. i received Your permission when i got up in the
morning, and did not have the need for the remainder of the
morning, so it only happened once. But, as You reminded me
later, it was once to often. i immediately called You and
told You that i had made a mistake. i told You of my
neglectfulness in not calling before and also let You know
that i had the need once again. As i had imagined that You
would, You instructed me to wait till You got home and W/we
would discuss it then. "Yes, Master." i answered. It
didn't matter how badly i needed to go, You were right and
i certainly needed to pay for my earlier misdeed. i
continued working on my chores, preparing for O/our evening
T/together. W/we would be going out, taking a short trip
to the larger city north of U/us, and i needed to gather
the clothing You wanted me to wear. i did need to use the
toilet, but i tried to put it out of my mind and wondered
when You would get home.

When You returned home, W/we set about feeding the rest of
the family. While they were sitting down to eat, You asked
me to join You in the bathroom. i followed You in, and You
immediately opened Your pants and began to pee, while i
faced You, kneeling on my knees. You took Your time,
knowing hearing Your urine would cause me to feel the need
even more greatly than i had been. When You were finally
done You zipped Your pants and turned to the faucet to wash
Your hands. Once washed, You kept the water running for
several seconds while drying Your hands and straightening
Your clothes. i remained on my knees, awaiting Your next
command. Then You turned off the water and told me to get
up and leave the bathroom. The running water had increased
my need, but i knew i had best not argue. This was
something that i asked for and truly wanted. i certainly
was not going to cause any problems by complaining that my
need was too strong to wait. i could wait. my pelvic
muscles are very strong. i went to the laundry area and
began to switch clothes from the washer to the dryer,
clenching my muscles and trying to ignore the spasms in my
bladder. Minutes later, You instructed me to follow You
back into the bathroom and told me to relieve myself. i
sat and began to pee. i pee'd slowly. i am under strict
instruction to practice for the time i will be wearing a
chastity belt. i must learn to pee slowly, very slowly, so
that i don't make a big mess when i finally get to wear the
belt. It seemed to me that my urination was lasting
forever. i so badly wanted to just let my muscles relax
and let the pee stream out quickly and naturally, but i
certainly did not want to take the chance to further
displease You. After what seemed an eternity, i was
finally done, and You came over, took some toilet paper and
told me to push my jeans down further and spread my legs
wide. i complied and You wiped my pussy clean of all the
remaining pee clinging to my labia and vagina.

Then it was upstairs to get ready to go out. You had me
disrobe completely and kneel before You. Tonight i would
be wearing my collar in public and my tits would be tied.
You picked out a cardigan sweater for me that came with a
scarf to wear around my neck, covering the collar. You
collared me and tied the base of my tits, but not as
tightly as You do when W/we are alone at night. my tits
still stuck out nicely, though did not protrude as much as
when bound tightly. You put a green t-shirt over my head,
smoothing it over my bound tits, the nipples sticking out
prominently. i slipped into my black jeans, as requested
by You, and then slipped into the snuggly fitting cardigan
and buttoned it up. Finally, i wrapped the scarf around my
neck and put on my shoes, presenting myself to You. i was
wearing underwear under my jeans, but no bra. i never go
out without a bra, so this was a first. my mom was staying
with the kids, so i let her know we would be back early,
and then slipped on a jacket over the sweater. It was not
until later that i realized that i should have let the
jacket behind. The point was for me to go out with You to
show off my body, not to have it covered by a jacket. You
said nothing about this, but later i admitted to You that i
now understood the point and was very sorry that i had not
paid attention to it. You confirmed that i had missed the
point, and i imagine that i will be punished, but You have
not yet mentioned anything.

During the trip, i told You that i had copied the slave
positions into a Word file so i could begin to study them.
This pleased You, but You were not pleased that i went onto
the internet without You. This is forbidden, and i know
it. If i had called You and asked, or asked before You
left for work, You probably would have given me permission,
but i didn't take the time to consider that what i was
doing was a rule violation. i was striving to please You
and did not take into account, that the manner in which i
was trying to please You, would ultimately cause Your
displeasure with me. Now i have a for sure punishment
facing me once again. i know that i am human and will make
mistakes, but i also know that i should only be punished
for a transgression once. That should be sufficient for me
to never break that rule ever again. i shudder to think
what kind of punishment a repeat offense will garner.

Speaking of punishment...

Before dressing to go out, You administered the remainder
of my punishment for forgetting to obtain Your permission
to urinate. Naked, rested my hands and head on the foot of
Your bed while You paddled my bottom with the ping-pong
paddle. Putting that down, You picked up the crop and
smacked my ass, lower back and upper thighs generously.
This was much more difficult to take that the paddle and i
began to whimper. i kept my position and tried to relax my
muscles, as tensed up muscles make the punishment even more
painful. Finally, You took the leather whip, the most
tortuous item and reigned down blows against my ass and
back. That hurt the worst and by the time You were through
my bottom was on fire and i was thoroughly chastised. It
will never happen again Master. That i promise.

my time is up. It's time to prepare supper. i love You
Master and even though i have so much more to say, i must
sign off for now. Take care my Loving Master and i am, as
always, Your loving and devoted slave and pet,