Tired Of Acting like an Adult.
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2005-01-08 16:06:49 (UTC)

part 2 are you serious?

I remember my dad used ot be a porno freak and you ask how
do i know? its obvious in his closets were stacks of
playboy magazines and 2 film projectors and tons of reels
of films, this was very embarrassing , so i rarely had any
friends over , i definetly did not want to have to explain
why my dad had men in the living room and some of my older
brothers and there friends watching pornos, this
disguisted me, i hated them all i dammed them all to hell,
i was made to go to church on wednesday and sunday nights
not asked but made ,me and my little brother that is,I
think that is why i cant seem to get inot church now, i
feel like now i have a choice and i choose not too, i feel
like there are two many churches to choose from and who
knows which one is right? i mean i dont belive you have to
go to church to go to heaven i pray every day and i feel
good about me i dont smoke any cigarrettes or any drugs ,
i dont drink alcohol daily just once a blue moon at biker
rallies which i am banned from says, my hubby, oh well i
can live with that anyway, he gets mad to many guys flirt
with me i likey the attention but hey, i live to please my
hubby, he is what changed my world from a sad and
miserable world to the happiest world i can ever live in,
he gave me 2 beautiful girls and i gave him a stepson and
daughter lol, we are so great together , he treats me as
if we were girlfriend and boyfriend still. you know with
the butterflies and goosebumps, I love every minute he
gives me with him, he till holds my hand in the car, holds
me in bed as we watch tv, kisses me in and out of public,
holds my hand in public and says i love you a lot, i
believe no i know he loves me as much as i do him, we
share everything, he makes me laugh everyday and that
makes me happy, we doant argue a lot and if we do its
always im sorry afterwards, you see i didnt bring that
PRIDE that my family had with me i buried it before i met
tommy, he showed me love and his family did also, i
actually never knew that families said i love you so much
until i met tommys, thats when i decied to say it to my
mom and dad and see how they reacted to it, the first time
i said it my mom looked puzzled , kind of like we dont say
that out loud, but i didnt care i said it again bye mom
bye dad i love you and dad mumbled something, mom said
quietly well i love you to, i felt like i had
accomplished something from that point on i said it to
anyone in my family i saw wether it be in public or at
holidays, but of course my brothers do not say it back
thats there pride talking to them, but i dont care one day
i wont be around and they will wish they had said it at
least once to me right?. anyway im tired so goodbye for

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