~~~~~~~HeLeN'z DiArY (o'_~o)~~~~
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2005-01-08 16:06:41 (UTC)

Victoria Gardens~~~

i would say yesterday was a pretty productive day... met
up with Stephen again for some dim sum. just as i put my
butt on my chair within 10 mins, my aunt called and needed
a ride so i gotta take off..... btw i am sorrie again
stephen =( didnt mean to make ya paid for my lunch.....

went to physical theraphy again and the doctor wasnt there
coz of the crazy storm here in LA.... damn i checked the
forecast and its gonna be raining and stuff all wkend
long~ after the theraphy i drove exactly 2 hrs to victoria
garden (for those of you who havent been there check this
out: http://www.ci.rancho-cucamonga.ca.us/victoria/#desc)
at first i was mad coz i told my stupid groupmates i
wanted to meet up some other time but they insisted to go,
but i guess when i got there it was worth the drive... it
reminded me of the block at orange but in a bigger
version!! damn everything there was on sale and my
groupmate saw my eyes ROLLIN' LOL~~ isnt life great that
everythin is on sale and you r broke as hell???!!!?!?!

we were doing some "observations" but mostly i had my eyes
on the shops lol~ after we split up i went back to the
mall and shopped a little (damnit) got a really really
super cute tank top... lemme tell u guys something, i
didnt realize the top was tagged with the wrong price tag
til i went back to the stack of clothes.... well at least
i only paid 12.80 instead of the "original" 17.80 right? 5
bucks baby~~~~~~

switched to a KIIS-fm radio station and heard a girl
called and said she's 7-months pregnant and just caught
her man (bf/husband or whoever) in the business with
another chick in their room...... pathetic loser, huh? in
a way it sorta made me feel better... i guess my case
wasnt that bad after all, huh?? well if u asked me this
moment whether i am still upset or not... i would say....
umm it might still exist but doesnt seem like it no more...
LIFE GOES ON and i am just looking forward, not backward~

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