Tired Of Acting like an Adult.
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2005-01-08 15:52:53 (UTC)

Are You serious?

Are you serious, do this do that, we tell our kids to pick
up after there self and they say i will in a minute
instead of grabbing there arm and making them do it then ,
i slack off is this good i say not, then the minute
becomes never and how do i know i have 4 kids and this
happens quite a lot, but im a very leniant mom, i let my
kids get away with everything and the reason i belive that
i do this is because i was made to clean house at the age
of 11, i had 4 brothers and no sisters i wasnt blessed
with a sister and lord know i cried about that a lot , i
needed a companion to talk to someone to share my lifes
most important secrets, i had noone , i couldnt confide in
my brothers they were very very mean to me they were into
wrestling back then and they jumped on me and pulled my
long hair out as much as possible, i hated them with a
passion, and i hated my parents for giving birth to me, i
never knew why god punished me with such an awful family,
my dad was a male chauvenistic pig he believed women
should clean up after men, cook for them and do whatever
they tell them to do, i hated this theory he believed, it
was so stupid and so wrong and god punished me into this
family, , my family defineltly wasnt a loving family,
there was never a minute of feeling like you were loved in
this family, my family had pride , pride that sucked the
life out of all of them, they never said I love you, or
kissed you goodnight or hello, and as far as a compliment
like oh you did so good im so proud of you, not this
family i could come home with straight A's and all i would
hear was you can do better, now dosnt that suck, i began
not to care about my grades in about the 6th grade when my
family began not to care , my mom was to worried about who
my dad was screwing, which he did this a lot i remember at
the age of 10 i saw him talking to one of his women out in
the parking lot of our school , i was so embarrassed that
he even had the gull to pick me up, he thought i was
stupid i guess and wouldnt figure it out i did, expecially
when students would say lookat your dad flirting with that
women, this was somehting i never forgot, i cared nothing
for my parents back then i only wnated to grow up and get
the hell out of this misery i was brought into, misery
wasnt even a strong ebough word for what i was going threw.

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