just 1 of many
2005-01-08 15:47:35 (UTC)

this is hard!!

im talkin 2 tom now bout stuff...its so hard 2 sey wot i
fink but i am cos it mite help...or it cud make it alot
worse! reli dusnt help that im havin this convo wen
lukin afta jack gettin snappy wiv him an i dont
wana snap at him...its not his fault...

this is reli hard but at least toms tryin 2 help!...i fink
he dusnt care sumtimes but maybe he dus...i dont wana talk
bout this stuff!! this is the most honest convo iv eva
i normaly start by liein bout bein ok!...hes jus sed he
makes me feel useless an worthless an iv told him he dusnt
cos i feel like that reli tryin not 2 cry...i
cant cry wiv jack here an cos im fud up of cryin!

hes reli made me realise sum stuff 2!...this is so hard an

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