My lil life!
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2005-01-08 13:01:03 (UTC)

Jan08 Player to the rescue

Dear Diary,

Last Night was fun but we still dint get laid. lol. Was
dropped off by bout 6:30-7am and immediately hit da sac.

Woke up at bout 12 noon and had some Chinese rice cup take
out. Then bout an hour later Caj called me up and sounded
like a player in distress. Apparently last night when I was
having difficulty deciding if da babe I was with was rili a
babe or not lol, caj had got a babes number and today she
passed by his crib with a friend so he needed someone to
help it out.

Hehe say no more cajjy.. George’s on his way! lol In less
than 10minutes after I got da call I had took my bath,
dressed and was in a cab. There was a lot of traffic so it
took me over an hour to get there but I was there before

Well nothing happened. They were two of them and as usual
the other one was damm ugly but I had a duty to perform, its
a guys honor to take a fall for ur fellow dude, myke's done
it for me b4 (lol dat was funny) so i could do it for caj.
But thank God they had to go home early. So nothing
happened, they said they might come by tomorrow again. Oboy!

I spent da night there eniway, was online chatting all night
into the early morning.

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