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2005-01-08 10:00:22 (UTC)

1st Entry

This diary is dedicated to Macchia my lovely and wonderful
cat. The reason i'm dedicating it to you is because you
are the only one that can sense my pain and everything
thats going on in my life. I know you cant read or
anything of that but you know I LOVE YOU very much. Well
let me tell you what i did today....Today was a very
unpleasant day for me i had to go to the obgyn to find bad
news but my day ended really good! I went to Chrises house
and spent some time together. Chris is a really sweetheart
and he is very cute. Man i'm having a crush on him but its
to early to say stuff. Well let me tell you how we met: we
met through a coworker Niva. That night i really didnt
wanna go out but i went and we met. Well that night we
ended talking and since then we have hit it off. I wanna
write about what happened and so forth but i'll tell you
that later there is plenty of time! So today i was at his
house and he is so nice my back was hurting and he gave me
a nice massage while watching tv. We were watching this
movie in italy and all the sudden pulls me by my ponytail
(uhm what a turn on lol) and gives me the cutest kiss and
it made me feel really good! Man he was lucky that mother
nature was in between otherwise he wouldve been in some
trouble(if you know what i mean ;)). Well after a while he
took me to Nivas house and left me there. Niva and i from
there went to Dennys and i had lots of food but then again
temptation was stronger and i had to throw up (man when
will this problem end with me damn). Christopher from
there picked me up (divorce is getting closer by the day
yeah yeah yeah) and now i'm here pouring my heart in this
diary. Let me tell you it feels really good writting here!
Well i'm getting sleepy but i wanna write something more
before leaving. When i left Nivas house-----------Oh oh oh
oh sorry i have to stop writting my jam is playing on the
radio hell yeah-----------------giggles------ok back to when i left Nivas house i wrote Chris a text
msg saying that i'm starting to like him a bit but he
didnt mention nothing to me when he called to tell me he
had arrived home safe so with this i will go to bed and
will write about tommorrow given i see him. Well i'm off
to bed. Miao Miao ;)

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