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2005-01-08 04:39:29 (UTC)


well i'll strat from the beginning of the day. got my
spanish quiz back, 75 not bad for not studying. Trudeau is
the 2nd best teacher in the school. he can make a joke
about the most sensitive issues and make everyone laugh.
Boyd is the best teacher. 'Nuf Said. the erica in my bio
class has been threatening to tell what i have already
said. She doesn't believe i said it. please take note of
the vaugeness. anyway i got home and i ate. i ate a lot.
chips, doritos, apples, pizza, fries, hamburgers, stuff
like that. lunch is no longer cool. i eat then i'm hungry
by 11th period. i could eat all i wanted and not gain a
single pound, and i hate it. i just look like a twig. i
think i'll get my hair cut tomorrow. around 6 i drove to
gami for a v-ball tourney. it started off bad and finished
bad. we lost to a whole lot of teams we could have beat. i
only got to spike it once or twice. matt showed up and
played... i wanted to beat his team badly. dan showed up
and dissappeared. you should have seen the reaction when we
won our only game. it was great. and we beat a team that
was a lot better than us. thats 1 to my self esteem. omg i
busted my ankle, hip, hamstring, and hand when i took the
dive into the pole. anyway i had a great time, but its not
the same without danielle, jimmy, matt, and christy.

i sent a text to dana telling her that i REFUSE to do
anything i don't want to, to win back her friendship. I
shouldn't be forced to do something i don't wanna, and shes
gonna have to respect my decsion or she can kiss my ass.
Sorry, i'm venting some of my frustration. i just really
hate loosing. maybe I should take the team's (- k and v)
advice and ask. i don't think there is any harm in that. ok
maybe a litte but you only live once right? amazingly
enough my cell phone didn't break tonight.

today was the first day that not one person said ANYTHING
about my shoes being different. too bad i enjoyed the
attention. o well. uhhhhhh not really sure what to write.

Basketball game tomorrow at 4pm at smithville school.
hopefully i will be able to jump as high as i usually can.
i expect to have about 10-15 points. louis is gonna be the
main scoring threat. he's 6'6" what do you expect? but he
can't jump and thats his weakness. i'm getting a little
beter @ dribbleing, but not much. i hope boyd doesn't call
til sunday.

you dudes have spent enough time reading this so why don't
you get on with your lives now.


its kinda pointless to try to make this work