My Aphrodisiac
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2005-01-08 03:50:17 (UTC)

"Loving Me Is a Form of Art"

He stared into my eyes as though there was something to
Me, hoping my eyes wouldn't expose my true feelings
Eventhough so true, they're unable to be denied
But no longer am I willing to wear my heart on my sleeve
Cuz if you look close enough there's a part of my heart
that still bleeds
I'm not looking for a doctor to patch up my mythical
broken heart
But I'm looking for a true love
Who understands that loving me is a form of art
So, he'd come equiped with brushes that stroked my every
With paint that exudes my womanly presence
A fresh canvas that's new to possibilities
And an imagination so vivid that with these tools, is able
to paint my true beauty
But if you really want to know
I just want a man to love me...unconditionally

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