Hate This & I'll Love You
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2005-01-08 01:40:34 (UTC)

Stand-alone bookend

how hard is it to use "My Space"? near imposible i would
say. its like faceparty on steroids. anybody use it?

ok rite tomorow, go to emmas for 12. go to tesco, visit
some guy. go to southport, meet rob, visit laura, and
general shinanigans.

every1 seems to be always going out, and i dont got
invited. i know i know, just ask if i can go. but how can
i if i dont know its happening. the only reason for not
inviting me would be cos they dont want me there, so i
must have dont somethin wrong to upset them or some1. but
i cant think of anythin. wish some1 would tell me wots
goin on. *confuzled john muses*

Roar! anyway life seems pretty ok, apart from none of my
problems are being sorted. john is troubled. the main one
being lack of g/f.

and i am sooo tired right now its unreal. and its only 20
to 2! wots goin on. i want to be an insomniac agen, i
think better.


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