Elizabeth M.
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2005-01-08 01:33:51 (UTC)

Lesson to learn

When is the right time to let someone you love go? Is
there a right time? What if you want different things in
life from your partner? Do you kick them when they are down?
Do you just humor yourself and continue a relationship
until you find someone else? Or do you just cut your losses?

A lot of questions huh? I have learned that love isn't
perfect. And you can't always please everyone, even if you
try. Life is one big lesson, you have 2 choices, you either
continue the way you deal w/things or you change them.
Everyone has love and hurt to give. There are 2 soul mates
for everyone. I have been lucky to have met one of mine,
and I let him go. I continue my search in hopes to find
either my second soul mate or someone that can measure up
to my standards. Don't believe everything you hear. Listen
to your instincts. I am trying to find myself again,
sometimes it's so hard to do. With time, I will become
strong again.
Commitment, This is what I seek in life now. I want to live
my life w/someone that has uncondional love for me, who
respects me, and honors me, I want someone who shares the
same dreams I have for life. The white picket fense and
several children playing in the yard and a dog and we all
live together in a beautiful loving home. I want someone
who isn't afraid. Someone who is as compassionate as I am.

This year will be a big test for me and others who are in
my life. I have set a plan for myself. I will not have much
time for myself or my friends or the guys that I am
involved in. This year is a time for me to get my life
straight. To take my head out of my ass and get shit done.
I want to get my degree and after 4 yrs I will have it. I
want to be married by 32 and have children as well sometime
after that. If that doesn't happened than I'll go to my
second plan which is get my degree in 4 yrs and become a
breeder for Maltese. And if I find that special someone so
be it.

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