My lil life!
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2005-01-07 23:07:08 (UTC)

Jan07 Guys night out

Dear Diary,

Friday… dint sleep well last night. And I had to get up
early for class. Today was just a drag(at first).

Well the day was a drag but it was about to take a complete
turn. Caj, Myke and Steve came to pick me up for a night
out. I can confidently say dat we could has possible gone
the full lengths of Metro Manila and we spent like 3hrs on
our butts in da car. We got lost so many time I lost count.

We first went to Club Centro at Libis. But dint feel da vibe
so we went to eastwood, had a few beers by da walk and bout
after an hour headed off to timog another clubbing area/

We heard of this really cool reggae bar at Timog wer people
smoke weed like it no big deal so we just had to find it.
But unfortunately when we found it, learnt that it was da
wrong day and it rili late. Nothing much happenin there a
Xamyka so we went to another club called Dacades at timog.

Now this club was happening! It was rili rili full, lots of
pussies and asses. But I was about to experience da most
strangest thing. While we were there just chilling like boys
do. A rili rili hot chic came by and started dancing wit her
friends right infront of us. She was about 5’8 (which rather
too tall for girls around here da ave is 5’3) and she had
rili big boobs like a 36’ or sumtin. Long packed hair nice
legs.. I meant she was HOT. But dint look too good though,
common.. a girl dat hot, I was focused on da boobs all da

Well none of da guys were stepping to make a move so I
decided to go for it. And considering how hot it was, I was
a lil too easy to move in and start waxing her body on da
dance floor. She was havin fun feeling my torso and in the
middle of da excitement I juz thought. This is too good to
be true.. because nothing this good ever comes soo easy.
Then it hit me, she might be gay/trans holy shit!!!!

I told my guys to help me examine her and try and tell if
dat extremlly hot chic is really a chic or not. But they
couldn’t say for sure.. no one could cause I asked others as

Then I decided dat the risk was too great for me to take and
no sooner or later it was all over. Cant risk gone home with
a hot chic and later finding out that she’s a dude!

We busted da joint a few hours later and then went to LA
café got more booze and some of us were tryin to score. But
it dint work out and we all were already broke.. lolz.

Finnaly got home by 6-7am da next day.

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