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2005-01-07 23:06:33 (UTC)

weird revelation

i was talking to a lad
on msn and i was surprised to find he liked hard house
music,...especialy cos hes a christian.

usualy its only ppl who like clubbin and drugs that like hard
house and he doesn't!!! so anyway we were talkin about it and i realised i
don't like talking about it and its making me want to go out or

then he said something 'you know its a deception don't u?' i say
what....he says the music!! i never thought about it that way. its so
strange. its weird. and its true. i feel uncomfortable listning to hard
house when im on my own!!

it is drug music and it makes u feel strange and some kind of nostalgia
that u get when ur on e. unless im running in the gym to it. or unless
im on something and out clubbing and u can feel the music pumpin thru

i don't really know what i am trying to say here but its a really strange
feeling and im not entirely comfortable with it....but im glad i realised if
you know what i mean.

note to self to check out bunkers!