Confessions of a junky
2005-01-07 22:04:22 (UTC)

... This is my story.

Im not gonna go back to the day i was born and tell an
annoying fucking story about My Life... im gonna go back
to ...a few months ago... when i got out of a mental
hospital called MarryDell.. In Austin Texas. I got out
around the end of July. School was comeing up I didnt want
to go i hated the idea and i hate school... And the first
day was great I already had a label .. Gothic junky.. So i
have a few cuts on my arms WHY THE FUCK DO YOU THINK THATS
GOTHIC???!!! And Junky... How would you know what i do?
Cuz i looked stoned dosnt mean i am.. YOU DUMB FUCKS!
Truth is i was stoned all the time.. and the first week of
school i ran away from home and moved in with James
(kenny), Timmy, John, Fat Pat, and Tommy, i was the only
girl that lived in the 2 bed room apartment with them,
this other chick would come over sometimes..I liked
John ... so i fucked him.. big deal... he was my bitch and
that was it... But James didnt like that ...and it was his
apartment... so im gonna say thats why he started cutting
hiself again, then he went to school and a few hours later
the cops were at the house with him and they took him off
to MillWood. Iv been there about 5 or 6 times. Not a bad
place... Lots of fun.. Anyway after he was taken away
every one kinda ...fell apart it was like the house was
built around James... I know it was His house and all but
fuck... I never knew every one was gonna go fuckin
stupid.... but we all did.. even me. And after a week of
living with them i called my parents and went back home..
All was good... NOT!!!!! My parents were such bitches life
was living hell, yeah it was cuz of me but i was comeing
off drugs .. sick as hell ...and they didnt help... so
they took me back to millwood, I was hopeing to see James
there but he had already left. I was there for a week and
then i came out and got a therapeist.. He KICKED ASS... he
told me i could be a Gothic model and he gave me magazines
and applications.. Introduced me to a band called
Nocturn... My parents hated him.. cuz i thought he was
cool....So i quit seeing him.. mean while back at school i
was haning out with the I.K. (Insane Krakers).. And every
thing was great.. I was with the sexxxiest dude named
Ian.. and i had a crush on his freind Chris.. We skiped
almost every day.... well i did any way.. most of the time
one of the dudes if not all of them were with me.... Every
thing was going fine, for a while.. Then it was about 4am
I was at the school waiting for Ian to come down.. but he
didnt,... We musta missed eachother.. or somethin.. Any
way this dude was skateboarding around the school and i
stoped him .. we smoked some cigs. and talked he was like
18 and ... of course he was cute, but his friends were
cuter ..The next day i took my make up to school with
me... and instead of even going to school... I went to his
place, and moved in with him... Hell yeah.. i was free
once again.. and no one knew where i was this time. We
went to a kick ass party i smoked some ice ....did some
coke smoked some weed ate some payote... drank some
whisky... And got FUCKED UP! I loved my life... we went
home late that morning with this dude from the party
passed out in the back seat of the jeep... he slept there
over night... and didnt know where he was in the
morning... .then he apologized a million times. It kicked
ass... of course i went home....about...a day or 2
later... i was getting sick of wearing the same clothes...
and it really wasnt that much fun..So i was home... back
to the bitching and fighting... and school.. Yeah
school... i started taking pills and cigs to school every
day... some times a lil more than that... and.. you know
me.. Sharing is caring.. so if i knew you... youd get
fucked up... Thanks to TRIPPY!... Yeah, thats what
everyone started calling me.... My parents started letting
me stay after school again... And i met Oreo... at the
time i was with chris.. not Ian any more... but i still
loved Ian... Like i said i met Oreo ....and almost
instantly fell in love... yeah its a crazy world... and he
was like a ledgend... like i was... at our school any
way... But i could tottally see why he was... He had the
perfect colored brown skin... not to dark... and not to
light.. his hair... was dark brown.. his eyes... were a
sexxxy creamy golden color.. and he had a fine body...
Yeah i was drooling... I got to know him... we started
hanging out every day... all the time... went to church
with him one night.... But we didnt go into the church we
hung out outside of it and acted completly crazy... it was
great... then .... Dun dun dun dun.... I Ran away with
him... yes my life was perfectly completed... i wanted him
i knew it for sure and i wasnt about to give him up.. for
ANYTHING!!!!.. My friends heard we were together and every
one had a fild day with the rumors... and they thought we
made a perfect couple... and a few of the guyz were a bit
jealouse ... of course Chris wasnt happy..... I was only
with him for maybe 9 days before the cops started calling
my cell phone. Then i got a call from my big bro Scott..
he told me the cops were ready to take me away till i was
18... and told me i should move in with him... in Mineral
Wells..... I cryed... for the last 2 days i was with
oreo.. then i cryed all the way to mineral wells.... My
grandpa droped me off... and he went back to Fort Worth...
And thats where the real fun comes in.

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