Blood is not an issue
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2005-01-07 21:35:02 (UTC)

Death is a Desire

Death is a Desire
to everyone
some where in there heart!!!!

I have noticed that everyone that his been my freinds have
a dark side to their hearts.

And when it comes out it sucks......

I am tired of when people get mad they always turn to me.
Only three people are allowed to do that!!!!!!!!!

But I want ever tell people that I don't care!!!

When I am in the dump. It feels as if I am floating in a
sea of saddness. No can resue me. No even cares about
what happenes to me.

That I am all alone in the world. That I am in a crowd of
people cutting myself and no one even looks up.

It seems as if I am a blade of grass in a garden of

But as time went on I begin to realize that their are many
people out there that are going through the same crap!!!!

And that I have come to think that I have helped alot of
people with their problems and they are doing alot better
they don't want to die........

That I can't kill myself and leave all the people that
care and love me. That I was meant to live that time I
stopped myself from committing suecide. That there was a
reason that I lived and didn't die. That I have to be
here for my freinds........................

None of my freinds can die on me!!!!!

See ya'll later


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