Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-01-07 19:53:57 (UTC)


my Dearest Master,

i am very upset and very frustrated right now. i have just
spent to past 45 minutes writing about O/our night
T/together and the signing of O/our new slave contract. i
poured out my heart and my feelings and was very close to
the end... then windows encountered and error and shut
itself down. There is no save feature in this diary. i've
lost it all. Now my time is up and i have no decent entry
for You. i've also lost my mood to write. i am so sorry,
Master. i will try again later. i called to let You know,
but You were busy. You will call back, but i feel so bad.
i feel like i've let You down.

my weight was still 170 today. i didn't lose any, but i
didn't gain any either. i ate more last night than i
should have. my co-workers brought in snacks and treats
and gifts for my last night. i didn't eat any cake or
pumpkin bread, but i did eat quite a few veggies with ranch
dip in addition to my beef jerky and cheese sticks. Today
for breakfast i had a quiche, then a cheese stick snack and
a hamburger, sans bun, for lunch. i ate a handful of
peanuts and a few cheese snacks while journaling.

i love You so much Master, and i promise to write more
about last night later. The kids and i still have some
schooling left, so i must sign off for now. Take care of
Yourself. i can't believe W/we will be T/together
tonight! You just called me! You are not upset that the
diary entry was lost, but i knew You wouldn't be. i know
You love me and i know You are fair.

i am, as always, Your loving and faithful slave,