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2005-01-07 19:17:52 (UTC)


hi im so worried i have so much homework to do and im
getting a brace on monday which im really worried about
because ill look so stupid and geeky all ill need ll b a
pair of glasses den der u go, ive also got a stupid english
speech to do on monday morning and i am so nervous because
i hate doing class speeches and stuff in front of the class
and everyone will get really bored and fall asleep in iti
bet even the teacher will, i hate school so much i wish it
would just do normal lessons like other schools i hate it.
Im also trying to lose weight because i reckon i am so fat
i put on 2 pounds during the xmas hols!!!! nooooooooo no
food for 2 days now as my punishment my target weight is 7
and a half stone and a 22 inch waist but i think this could
be hard but i lost quite alot over the summer so i think
its possible i love this an online diary its so cool but im
really worried i dont no wether its normal or not to know
someone that youve never met or spoken to in your life but
they just exist in your head and i dont even know if she
exists or not its so wierd ive known her since i was bout 7
but i dont no why im probs skitzophrensic or summat but o
well but i gt good tracking results at schoo; today and i
managed to seee them even though im like practically
falling asleep at the computer as i write this because im
soooooo tired i want to go to bed but im not gonna til
after little britain cus its such a good programme and
makes me laff and i need some humor because im so depressed
about monday i really jus dont want to wake up on monday
morning to go to stupid school and im doing the duke of
edingborough so i need to go to that meeting next week and
i went into town after school to change a cd at smiths but
it turned out that it didnt come from der i was so
embarrest lol o wel gotta go now bibixx