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2005-01-07 19:05:25 (UTC)

Believing and seeing...

I know it might be a little late to bring this up but do
you remember that movie, "The Santa Clause"? It's one of
my favourite christmas movies by far but that's not why
I'm bringing it up. There's this one part in the movie
where an elf is explaining to Charlie the importance of
faith. I don't think she actually mentions the
word "faith" but her discription of it matches perfectly.
I believe her words were something like "Seeing is not
believing. Believing is seeing." Now, tell me, have you
ever experienced that before? Ok, let me rephrase
that...have you, since you had the capability to think
like an adult, been able to believe in something in which
you couldn't see therefore allowing you to see what you're
believing in? I can name three for me. Wind, Gravity, and
God. Now with wind, you can feel it. Gravity controls our
physical capabilities. God...well God is definately
something that requires faith. Many people will tell you
that faith comes naturally. In my opinion, the only faith
that comes naturally is described as being naive. Faith is
a choice. It's something that requires an agreement
between our minds and out hearts (funny how they always
seem to either work together or against eachother). Now
this, we all can understand, comprehend, input into our
mind capability. However, the hard part is living by
faith. Now, it seems as though somewhere in our history,
we either lost the capability or we just became ignorant
of this duty. Living by faith. The apostles had it down,
man. Everything they did...Paul, Timothy, Peter,
John...they lived out their faith to the point where they
would not have a single clue of whether or not they would
survive the next day. Their lives completely depended on
God. COMPLETELY!. There weren't any objections....and they
did not complain.p
Today, maybe a handful of christians seem to understand
this. I wish I was in that handful. Somehow, we forget
Hebrews 11. To be honest, I had never even read the
chapter before this week. But there must be a reason why
the whole chapter is dedicated to giving examples of
people who spent their lives living by faith. From Abraham
to Moses to Job to Jonah, story after story of men who, at
some point in their lives decided that life was
meaningless without faith. The sad part is that those
people didn't even have what we have. They didn't have a
Holy Spirit to guide them. They didn't have a saviour to
save them. Verse 39 & 40 say this, i"These were all
commended for their faith, yet none of them received what
had been promised. God had planned something better for us
so that only together with us would they be made
perfect."i. Incredible. These people lived by faith,
knowing that they risked never seeing the promised land,
promised kingdom, promised saviour; and so they lived by
faith for us. For the future generations. Looking down on
us today, do you think that they would be impressed? Do
you think that they would say that we have learned from
their examples; from their sacrifices? p
So what is it then? What is it that causes our culture to
forget faith? We hurry along, everyday, thinking that the
more we do the more we accomplish.We buy houses and cars.
We get jobs and go to school. We come home each night,
make our dinners and watch the world around us suffer
because we have "everything". This is not faith, people.
This is not what our biblical ancestors lived for. They
lived for a promise of something so much greater than a
comfortable life. They lived for something they could not
see because what they did see didn't mean anything. Our
cars, our houses, our tv's and even this very computer
which is allowing me to write this means nothing. Solomon
writes about this in my favourite book, Ecclesiastes.
Meaningless! Meaningless! He speaks. All is meaningless
under the sun. What he meant was that everything we see is
nothing without faith in God. We could work harder than
any man, make more money than any man, become smarter than
any man and still, what would we take with us to our
graves? Nothing. Are you depressed yet? Good...because it
is depressing. It's depressing to know that there is so
much more God has for us if we could only learn to let it
go and the majority of us ignore that! Get mad at me if
you want but I am no hypcrite. I will admit that I choose
to ignore my faith. Anytime I sin, anytime I choose myself
over God, I am guilty. It seems so simple yet it really
isn't, is it? Believing without seeing. If we could see
Heaven today, I'm sure we'd live differently. If we could
see Jesus when we pray, I'm certain that we'd pray
differently too. But that is not the mission...that is the
prize. Faith is the mission. On the bright side, God does
not expect us to live perfectly. But He expects us to try.
Try to give Him something to work with. Eventually, it
will all come together. I'll say this without a doubt that
the more faith you have, the more blessings you will
recieve. I encourage you to read Hebrews 11. Read
Ecclesiastes. Read and seek God. Ask Him for more faith.
Ask Him to help you trust Him. I am doing the same. I need
more faith. I don't want the normal life that everyone
thinks I should grab. I don't want to settle for money and
success. I want something greater. I want something far
more valuable than a desk from 9-5. I want a relationship
with the King of Kings. I want a life of faith. Yes, this
means that tomorrow may not be a great day in the eyes of
my mind. It also means that I may never own anything
unless God gives it to me. But it also means that the
value of my life will succeed all the riches in the world.
For what has a man if he has not his own soul...and that
soul is made perfect by faith.p

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