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2005-01-07 15:54:46 (UTC)


Not sure what to title most of my stuff, so I'm just using
dates for now. I know an actual title would probably get
actual attention, but oh well.

I'm not sure of anything to say, I've been helping Princess
(as you know her) with all her feedback. Can't believe I
actually started a diary before her, and I've erased all of
them (I think).
You may have known me in the past (and even now) as
Desire. Yup, the best friend of Princess. Wow, that's
still odd, talking to her and calling her by name, then
coming to places like this and having to remember her nic.
Not sure why she still puts up the charade, I'm sure
there's more then a few people who know her name, and she's
told Jaimie's name, and James...wait I'm starting off the
same way LOL.

I should start off with saying that I'm not like her in the
way of telling all my sexual experiences, but I am like her
in the way of if you have a question, ask. I'm open and
honest, and I've included tips and tricks and everything
else in the advice diary that we started. So I'm not
ashamed of anything like that, I just don't give full

I keep thinking that it's possible for my mom or someone
close to me to stumble upon this diary and learn all there
is to know about me and more. Yes, I actually have a few
secrets that only a choice few people will know. Maybe the
day will come that I'll be willing to share all that with
you, but who knows.

For now, I need to go check in on the advice diary and see
what's going on there, and then I need to get ready to go
looking for a house. Toby and I are planning on going
today and looking for either a double-wide to buy, or maybe
just buying a house.
We even found a company who's willing to build for us for
5% down and only $350 a month until it's paid off...which
is what we're going to get stuck with anyway.

It kind of makes sense to us, because everywhere I've
called looking to rent, either want us married, no kids, or
no pets...and since we're not married, have 2 kids, as well
as a 15 month old Rotti. He's wanting to get Diesel a
girlfriend, and I'm wanting to get a Boston Terrier, oh and
that doesn't include the horse that we think we need to
keep LOL. Anyone wanna buy a horse?

I'm going. I'll write more again soon.


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