I stab you with hot french fry!
2005-01-07 13:48:02 (UTC)

Eager Dedication

I shared my faith with Howard. He's a non-believer so I
felt like I should try to influence him alittle. I told him
the reasons why I believe and he told me his reasons why he
doesn't. The whole thing sort of reminded me of a debate. I
just wanted to tell him the testimony of my faith just to
inform him and hopefully influence his thoughts on the
subject just a little.
I always do this though. With friends and ex boyfriends. I
try to influence my faith on them and try to make them
think about their own beliefs. I've learned to not be so
assertive or forceful with what I say because I can get
pretty passionate about my faith. I would forget to be
sympathetic and understanding with the person which is not
the best thing to do if you're trying to share your faith
to an agnostic or athiest.
But, in the end of our talk I said yes to Howard's
question. He asked me if I would still want to be with him
even if he doesn't believe in the end. I said yes...about
four or five times...since he wanted me to be sure of my
I wish he could believe. Not so he can have the title of
being a christian, but so he can find salvation, so I can
share my faith with him and live it with him. I'm
passionate about God and I believe because of the things He
has done for me and my family. He's guided us all and
influenced us all.
I know Howard grew up differently and without the influence
of God in his life. So, he's learned to depend and believe
in himself, his family, his friends and community. And
that's pretty awesome. He's grown up amazingly well for the
situations he's been in. With the things his family and him
have been through I believe God has been protecting them. I
just wish he'd learn to also trust and believe in God. But,
I can only influence and inform. Howard said he would be
open to the things I would have to say about faith and God.
And I am appreciative. He's one of the few who actually was
open to my faith. The rest were pretty close-minded and
stubborn about it. So, I'm thankful.