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2005-01-07 13:21:05 (UTC)


I have gotten over the Nikita thing for now
i will talk to her soon
I think I have a crush on a guy
his name is jack
Which is really weird because my little brother is called
And Simo told him today that i like him ...well that I
wanted himand he said that I was hott
Well that made me super happy but then I remembered that
he already has a gal
well they arent like boyfriend and girlfriend but like
they are fucking and i am soooooooooo ping (ping means
jealous) and I dunno
He said that I was really hot andf tanned and so now i
feel really low.....
Ill write more later
oh and the chick that jack is rooting her name is stevie
lee and apparently she is a whore and gets with everyone
......danielle is soooooooo mad

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