Torrance the Vamp

The Vamp's Mind
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2005-01-07 01:59:38 (UTC)

New World

If I was to make a new planet with me as ruler these are
the bands/artists I would keep:

Linkin Park [ummm... One minute you're on top (the next
your not watch it drop), making your heart sop (just
before you hit the floor), one minute you're on top (the
next your not missed your shot), making your heart stop (
you think you won), and then its all gone]

Lost Prophets [ Wake up, wake up, wake up, I am so sick of
waiting, for us to make a move]

Hoobastank [I'm spinning out of control, out of control]

Skillet [I recall falling madly in love with you and I
remember this how can I forget]

Green Day [I walk an empty street on the boulevard of
broken dreams]

Korn [ya'll wanna single say ____ that, ____ that, ____

Chevelle [The red, well it filters through]

Thousand Foot Krutch (throw up your rawkfist, lml~)

Falling Up [ cuz I'm bitter sweeeeeeeeet]

AFI [silver and cold]

Ashanti [Only you can do these things that got me coming
back, I'm crazy bout the way that you can make me say your

Eminem [I am, the way I say I am, and if I wasn't, then
why would I say I am, in the paper the news everyday I
am, radio won't even play my jam]

Lil' John and the Eastside Boyz [Whatcha gon' do!!]

Avril Lavigne [are you aware of what you make me feel,
baby, right now I feel invisible to you like I'm not

Vanessa Carlton [crashed on the floor when I moved in,
this little bungalow with some strange new friends, stay
up to late, and I'm too thin, we promise each other its
til the end]

Michelle Branch [so I'm a little left of center, I'm a
little out of tune, some say I'm paranormal, so I just
bend that spoon, who wants to be ordinary, in this crazy
mixed up world]

Red Hot Chili Peppers [can't stop the spirits when they
need you, this life is more than just a read through]

Breaking Benjamin [show me how defenseless you really are,
satisfy an empty inside]

ummm... I don't know who else

ok fine AC/DC and
Jars of Clay

until I find out who else this is it