Blood is not an issue
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2005-01-07 01:41:10 (UTC)

Sea of Sadness

I am tried of everyone walking all of me like I am a pile
of dirt. I want everyone to know that I am not going to
take anymore crap from anyone. Once again Killian has
done what he does best to piss me off. Today at lunch he
wouldn't stop following me around it was freaking me out.
Then he won't shut the hell up about everything I have
ever told my freind because when she got mad at me she
told him almost everything she knows about me and knnow he
tell the entire school. What should I do about this
Dude. He thinks of me as a treat because he know I can't
take his girlfreind away from him like that. It would be
funny to see him really sad but then he might tell the
other stuff he know about me. How he found out about that
I wioll never know. I can't type much because my freind
is breathing down my neck so I guess I'll come back on
later and write another one

Nemo P.s.Stay with me

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