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2005-01-07 01:13:17 (UTC)

1.08.05 Oh Yeah

OH yeah, guys, its 2005. Sorry. I've been titling the
entries as 2004.

On one note, Colin Klok has shaved clean. As discussed with
Tracey, this is absolutely journal-worthy.

Other than that, it's been a lazy week for me. I think I
owe my English teacher some things that even now I have no
intentions to do. Don't tell my parents.

I'm still gonna play Pomona-Pitzer College football I
think, and I still need to call the other colleges and tell
them I'm not coming. I dont think there is a person around
who doesnt know about Pomona College and I, as random
friend Ashley Mitchell knew I got a full scholarship
It was a snowy day, but everyone I cared about seemed
to be present. Jeff Weishaar's old girlfriend is really
cool. Not Tracy Calabrese, cause she's not cool, but the
little junior one who I think is a pom. Cant remember her
name, it may be Amanda.

The style of this entry is dedicated to Ashley Barnes, who
made me the coolest "Alixian Hero" banner, because we're in
love. She tends to write about things in no random order,
as I am doing now.

There, as Courtney just reminded me, are some people that
good communication skills. She is one of the rare who was
raised normally.

Well, I'm gonna call it quits. Ashley, writing this way is
kinda fun! It still doesnt beat my usual unique style,

APC, Jr.