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2005-01-06 23:55:54 (UTC)

*This Black Queen Has Had Enuff*

*This Black Queen Has Had Enuff*
I am a black female
struggling along with the rest.
Just Becuz my problems are not as big as some, my body is
still stressed.
People expecting the best
leave out the worst
being a Black Queen
all beauty and knowledge i thirst.
so many thoughts going through my head
that i'm bout to burt.
so much blame it's driving me out of my lane. man my mind
is going insane.

Being a Black Queen is hard,
we're not intitled to succeed
and if we satisfy one we must satisfy the rest and my
level of pateince
is so little it needs no test.

So much talking,
people gwaking,
if they keep this up this Queen is walking.
So much noise,
but still i have to keep my poise,
boys going round thinking us woman are toys. I'm bout to
blow i cant take no more.


my ears are on fiya,
my face is red,
o lord, i rather be in my bed instead.
Becuz in my dreams this Black Queen can relax cuz she
needs not 2 be seen.
I need to be respected not tested.

My heart is pounding under my fragile skin, should a Queen
have to deal with these things. I need 2 take a deep
In (he he) out (hooooooo)...........
If life keep preesin like this
I don't know wat i'ma gunna do.
I'm Relaxed now
looking over my options n stuff
and my conclusion is that
This Black Queen Has Had Enuff**

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