2005-01-06 20:54:17 (UTC)


I put up some new photos on my webshots page yesterday.

There are two new albums, one showing some of the Snowbound
quilt blocks I've been working on for the past month and
another of some of my Christmas decorations. I forgot and
didn't take photographs of the tree or other parts of the
house I decorated and now all of it has been dismantled and
put away until next year.

John wants to go do our weekly shopping and errands
excursions to Albany and Corvallis tonight because he wants
to pick up his new glasses and they're open until 7 p.m. I
think he had other things on his list including ordering new
work boots and there were some items he wanted at Office Max
so we'll do those errands along with getting gas, doing the
grocery shopping and picking up holds at the library. It's
probably a good idea to go early and not wait for the
week-end. The weather forecasters are talking about snow
again although now they're saying it may not arrive until
Saturday or Sunday.

I know I've just picked up some holds at the library but
there are more--Jonathan Kellerman's Twisted is in as is Who
Are We: The Challenges to America's National Identity by
Samuel Huntington, The Amateur Marriage by Anne Tyler, and
The Great Influenza by John M. Barry. I added a couple of
more books to my reserve list--Rising Tide: The Great
Mississippi Flood of 1927 by John M. Barry and In Praise of
Slowness: How A Worldwide Movement is Changing the Cult of
Speed by Carol Honore. The library limits me to placing 25
holds and I almost always keep it right there at that number.
I was listening to some CDs while I was quilting this
morning and was struck by the lines in a blues tune.

Sometimes I wish that I could catch the wind,
Sometimes I wish that I could catch the wind.
I'd hold it in my arms, hold it in my arms
And think of you and then I'd let it go.