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2005-01-06 19:28:18 (UTC)

Christmas gone by

The 23th of December I woke up at Tommy`s. Wanted a holiday
breakfast, witch means a nicer and better breakfast then
usal, my mother always do it for us in special ocations. But
no, Tommy did not wanted breakfast so I let that idea go. I
had a shower, thought it was time for oakmeal a nother
christmas specialty, here we make it on rice and milk. I had
brugh I done one, so all I had to do was to heat in in the
micro wave. But no Tommy did not want this eather. So with
out nothing in my stomach,he took me to the mall at this
I love shopping, but not on christmas eve, it was so
unromantic. We had to buy something more to Emma. This is
not the jalux side of me, I agree she should get more from
us, but we had all December looking for things and why could
not Tommy decide before?
I was really unhappy and so glad I said no to celebrating
the christmas eve there. Aftherwards Tommy drove me to the
buss station and I was crying cause I feelt it was such a
bad day. I feelt he had done nothing for me. I tryed my best
to hold the tears, but when we said goodbye I could not,
Tommy wanted to know why I was crying but I didnt feel like
talking about it.
Then I called my grandmother who was supose to be with us
and wished her a merry christmas. I did some more crying and
waited for the bus to come.
My mother and Karoline picked me up. We went to my aunt
where Gracie lives and had a great evning!
I got a digital camra from Tommy. I wanted one and I think
this was expencive, but its not exactly a love anounsment..
Why wouldnt he by me jewlery for once??
I got a sex and the city season from Tommy, Emma and his
mother. Some ugly cat figures from their grandmother. Knifes
and forks in the serie Im collecting from Karoline, gift
setivicate from my mother, and some other things, verry nice
and some not so nice..

Then me, my mother and Karoline went to my other aunt and
spent the night. She has this big house and bouth her sons,
her doughther in lway and thre grand children spend the
night to, my oncle was working. The nest day Karoline and
mum drove me to Tommy before they went to a dinner party at
my third aunt.
Tommy was stil with his family, afther spending the night
there, it was so nice beeing alone, having tea, chocolate
and watch sex and the city. Then Tommy came, we got dressed
ant went to a dinner party with his family. It was the same
people who had christmas eve, christmas breakfast and some
other days and meals together, exept me, so I didnt get the
point of beeing there but my pelite me went and was nice.
The others started some small fights..

The next day I went up early and took the bus to our every
year the 2, day og christmas party. Tommy did not wanted to
come, because his grandmother did not wanted to borrow him
her car and he did not wanted to take the buss. (so why dont
you buy a car you can use the whole year) It was really nice
to see all my cousins and their kids. I had a great day. My
cousin drove me home and on the way we stopped at the
nursing home to wisit to other grand mother. My aunts
decided she was to weak to come.

Then I want back to Tommys. He stared work the next day.
Gracie spent a day and a night there with us. The next day
me, Gracie, Karoline and two of older cousins went to the

On new years eve we went to some friends of us. It was all
right, the night I got sick but I cant belive it was from
the drinking.

Im thinking more and more about Chris, cant belive Im
working down that roade agen. I hate my self for it. I cant
trust him, why do I stil want him in my life? Im not doing
anything about it, Im not. He can if he feels like it or
miss me.