friends foreva

loving life??
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2005-01-06 18:29:00 (UTC)

how cool r these bands out of 10

ok im board so im gona do this.

*good charlotte *blink 182 *franz ferdinand

*muse *greenday *nivarna *linkin park

and ne others u wish 2 add 2 lol

"the quiet 1"


u forgout *happy hardcore der cool aswel lol n its
nivarna u daft moose lol

*the lost soul*


:O wateva? wel :P 2 u lol der kool n u didnt spel it rite

*the lost soul*

i no dre cool hey i was typing fast!!lol
k sorry peeps 4 the mistake


*the lost soul*


er hello where is wheatus?
and inme?
and the rasmus?
and hole?
u missed so many bands

*the angel that fell*

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