My Diary
2005-01-06 16:30:18 (UTC)

About me

i suppose i better introduce myself.

Name: Laura

Age: 16

Location: Carlisle (a shit little city)

Occupation: Student and a shelf stacker at TESCO.

Social Circle: Rockers, Skaters, Punks

Music: Punk, Rock, Metal

Favourite Band: The Distillers, SOAD, Greenday, Blink,
RHCP, Nirvana, The Clash, Placebo etc.

Ambition: To meet greenday and die in the funniest way

Ambitons fulfilled: I met brody dalle :D :D

The First Thing I notice about the oppiste sex:Eyes

My Favouite Drink: Lemonade

MY Favourite Alcoholic Drink: VK cherry, absynthe and
lemonade, apple sour and white chocolate corkys shots

My Ideal Hair Colour: Blue or Pink or Both

My Favourite Month:March (cause it's my birthday)

My Favourite Smell: Lynx Pheonix

My Inspirations: Punk Music, The Distillers, My Best Mate
Rian, Greenday and My Friends

My Favourite Flower: Black Rose

My Favourite Board Game: Monopoly

Favourite Magazine: Kerrang and NME

Favourite Sound: Drums

The Worst Feeling In The World: Never Being Able To Talk
To My Best Mate Rian Again

First Thing I Think Of In The Morning: Do I Have To Get Up?

If I Have Children I'd Call Them: Boy = Corey Rian Evan
Girl = Cori Erin Faith

Most Important Thing in My Life: My Friends and Rian

I Am A: Picies

My Ideal Job: Working With Brody Dalle or Mike Dirnt

My Lucky Number: 9

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