My lil life!
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2005-01-06 13:47:42 (UTC)

Jan06 Dint get the Job

Dear Diary,

Messed up! Really messed up day.

I woke up so so early very excited for my job exam. They
said I should be there my 9am but I got there 8:30am. Then I
waited till about 10am before we begun anything.

The written exams were in 3 parts, the first was an I.Q.
test second a grammar test and lastly an essay. It was a
breeze and I past with no problem. Then there was a typing
skills test, the passing was 24 wpm(words per minute) and I
scored a 27 wpm. I was done with all that at bout 11:30am
and told to return by 2pm for the interview.

I actually and two lab classes today and the first is to
begun at 12pm. But because of this job thingy I just have to
be absent. Well the name of the company is ‘Quality
Interactions’ and it is a logistics company or so I think.
The post I was applying for was a CSR(Customer Service
Representative) part time.

During the break I went to Tita Amy’s office and we had
lunch, got her to sign an authorization letter for my phone
account cause the account is in her name. We also talk about
my mom to. So far she also gets head aches when ever mom
calls her up to complain about the people she’s fighting

Got back to ‘Qinteractions’ by 1:30pm and had to wait with
the rest of us till about 3pm before some came to interview
us. The interview went very well on my part, had no problems
talking and answering questions. And I dint pity others
cause it seemed they were pissing in their pants hehe.

But unfortunately I dint make it.

The reason most likely been because I stated that I do not
speak tagalog well and it turns out that those on part time
only handle locals calls not international therefore they’d
be needing someone good in tagalog to be able to handle
local clients. I was so pissed and I felt like screening
“FUCK IT!!!!”. Its really funny that I dint get a call
center job because I don’t speak tagalog. Hehe I bet no one
would ever believe that.

Yeah fuck it! That’s what I kept telling myself so I
wouldn’t feel bad. Yeah fuck it! Their loss.

Was able to put my shit back in order, my fame of mind and
all and head back to school before I miss my 4:30pm class.

You know it was really a good thing I dint get the job
because when I got to the ‘Methods of Research’ class, I
realized that I wouldn’t really have any time for the job at
all and I would be really busy the whole term finding a got
research topic, getting it approved, actually doing it and
finally defending it in front of a panel. Usually this take
a whole year to do, but the school wants the system changed
and we are now gonna do it under 11weeks. Wow…. Good thing I
dint get the Job.

But u know…. man needs to earn some extra pay… what’s gonna
happen now?

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