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2005-01-06 10:10:32 (UTC)


Yeah, right.
If you're a Filipino living in Baguio City, you would be
feeling like hell like me.
I guess the world's talking about this disease. Yeah, I
know. Don't you guys know Baguio City, Philippines is
If you didn't know now you do.
I live in the exact spot where the city government point
to be the origin of the disease. Pretty scary, especially
when i lived there my life.
Well, tourism here in this city became low recently. very
low. and people all over the country panicked. they say
it's already an outbreak. but our government say "don't be
at first, i wasn't. but now, i'm scared. if you guys don't
know what meningococcemia is, i'll tell you in layman's
It is a DEADLY transmittable disease. You would feel a lot
of sympotms at first: headaches, fevers, flus. The most
critical one is having red rashes turning violet. you
suffer for 24 hours then you die. it's easily transmitted.
when someone who has this beside you sneezes, you
get 'contaminated'. after 24 hours, you die.
if you guys have just been here. people around is wearing
masks and eating fruits and vit c to build up their immune
system. people are scared. you would find mostly empty
streets and closed establishments. it's getting very
lonely here. people outside the city prefer not to come up
here. it's like our city's becoming a threat to the whole
it's just sad.
more 30 has already been confirmed dead. 140 cases are
still pending.
our city was declared a 'state of calamity.'
well, i'll tell you more details the next time i log in.
sad to say, i may , or maybe not be the next victim.
God, why is this happening?!!!!