The crazy world of me
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2005-01-06 06:49:05 (UTC)

what to think

I always said ricky left me wondering what to think. you
never know what is going to happen with him. i look at how
much i have chaged since i met him and it is just crazy. i
guess it is changes i would of made anyways but it just
seems so wierd that he was there when i started to have all
these changes. i guess being with him wasn't the worse
choice i made. i could of done worse for a first love like
have someone who hits me or just treating me like shit well
ricky did treat me like shit but not in the way i am
meaning. i just dont think ricky knows how to be with
someone. i guess thats how i am trying to say it. my goal
for this year is to get everything on track. i am not
going to worry about guys. if mr.wonderful pops up
hopefully i wont be dumb and let it fly right by me and i
hope it didn't already well i just wanted to talk for a
minute bye kids