What's On My Heart
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2005-01-06 05:00:39 (UTC)

Thanks for Asking 2


So Danny and I kinda figured out what was up. The AC pipe
thingamajigger got popped. ($1200 in damage) But the plan
for me to leave is still a go. I apologized to Will for how
I acted and since I had to do it via phone, I couldn't hug
him and say goodbye. So, I wrote him a note and I am going
to leave it on his pillow for him to read. It isn't a good
note or a bad note. Just "thats-how-it-is" note. He
probably won't be too happy with it, but he and I have this
understanding, be blunt and to the point, no matter the
reaction of the other.

I went to work to say goodbye to those people I wrote about
earlier. I served them once and now everytime they come in
they request me. I love them too death. They are sooooo
cute. But they have this crazy notion that I should marry
their son. No offense. He is 27 and I'm 21...Hm...let's
think...uh, no! But I told them that I would meet him in
the summer, so maybe that will get them to cool off about
that a little. The road is covered in black ice terribly.
I'm so tired of snow, let me tell you. Florida is looking
better every time I think about it.

Well, I hope ya'll enjoyed this Two Part entry. I'm gonna
sign off and get ready for the trip. I may not be able to
write tomorrow due to lack of internet, but the minute I get
a chance to, I will write about how my trip went.

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